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Dino Paoli SRL

Since 1968, DINO PAOLI SRL manufactures pneumatic impact wrenches, hydraulic impact wrenches and accessories.

Dino Paoli SRL is an official F1 Racing Wheel Gun Supplier

Ultra High Performance Motorsport, Automotive, and Industrial Impact Wrench Wheel Guns

 Dino Paoli SRL, since 1968. Premium innovative technology made in Italy producing pneumatic impact wrenches and accessories. In 1975, Dino Paoli srl began it's ongoing relationship with top tier motorsport racing as it started supplying the extremely demanding Formula 1 sector. Dino Paoli SRL today counts among its customers ALL the teams participating in the most advanced and competitive race championship in the world, Formula 1. In 1990 the company was welcomed into the US Motorsport when equipping the Irl and Alms Formula teams with its innovative impact wrenches and highly specialised accessories. Today Dino Paoli’s products are essentials in the majority of championships with pit stops. In addition to motorsport, the constant quest for the most modern technology and the propensity towards development have directed Dino Paoli srl towards the industries and automotive sectors. The company has been producing and marketing for years a complete line of impact wrenches and accessories, conceived to meet the needs of the professionals that operate in the tire shops and mechanical workshops sector, as well as in the applicative fields of civil and naval industry and engineering. Dino Paoli's strict quality control assures that all products meet the high quality standards that set Paoli products apart. To ensure that this quality level is maintained throughout the life of the tool, a proper compressed air system is always recommended to ensure lasting performance.


High technology at high speed. Excellence, constant investment in technological innovation, first-class service. this is what makes DINO PAOLI S.R.L. a market leader in the motorsports market. Thanks to the extraordinary staying power, reliability and extremely high quality of our products, since the Nineties, all the Formula 1, IRL, GT, DTM, Formula Indy and Cart have been using PAOLI’s highly specialised pneumatic impact wrenches and accessories.


Technological innovation at your fingertips. DINO PAOLI S.r.l. provides every single customer - from the tyre-dealer to the mechanic, from the workshop to the factory - with the finest technology available, developed in cooperation with the leading motorsports teams. The outstanding performance of the instruments used in Formula 1 is within the reach of anyone who chooses our products: the entire range of PAOLI professional impact wrenches guarantees exceptional strength and resistance and is made to last. We offer a guaranteed quality service, as well as the opportunity to compare continually developing products.


Simply, permanently. The extremely low weight/power ratio and the perfection of our impact system make PAOLI wrenches ideal any time there are nuts or bolts to screw or unscrew. Our products guarantee complete safety, as well as maximum quality and performance every time: whether you’re working on an infrastructure, a ship, industrial machinery, an assembly line, a light or heavy vehicle or a car. Reliability, power and technological evolution: these are the secrets of our success at DINO PAOLI S.R.L.