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Dino Paoli SRL

Dino Paoli SRL Avvitatore Racing / Motorsport Impact Wrench Wheel Guns

Official F1 Formula One Championship Racing Wheel Gun Supplier

Since 1968, DINO PAOLI SRL manufactures pneumatic impact wrenches, hydraulic impact wrenches and accessories. The high quality standard of the product offered, the innate technological vocation and the efficiency of a flawless service guarantee the leadership on motorsport, industry and automotive sectors.

Their customers are all of the teams of Formula 1, IRL, GP2, DTM,FORMULA NIPPON, ENDURANCE, FIA GT, Formula 3000, ALMS and many others.

DP4000MG TSA LH 1" Square Drive Torque Angle Sensing Motorsport Impact Wrench by Dino Paoli SRL

Product Details and Specifications

PRODUCT CODE: 4000TA.00001

The Fast Left Hand Version (Blue) loosens nuts tightened clockwise faster

Avvitatore Racing / Motorsport High Performance Impact Wrench Wheel Gun - Best practice: Formula 1, GP2, DTM.

Dino Paoli DP 4000 MG TSA LH: magnesium alloy body, complete torque and angle sensor integration, real time semi absolute shaft angle measurement, real time torque energy measurement.


Featuring the latest in motorsport wheel gun technology – Dino Paoli´s “Smart Wheel Guns” with integrated torque and angle sensors. Ideal for pit stop data logging and improving operator performance.

State of the art in motorsport pit stop monitoring, the new DP4000 MG TSA applies patented high precision non-contact sensing technology to measure the angular rotations of the drive shaft and the torque energy that is transferred at every hammering impact.

Intelligent software in the onboard multiprocessor signal processing electronics combines the results of the two measurements: Absolute Torque Energy and Angular Rotations, to determine when the wheel nut sits tight. Additional sensors determine when the tool is active or should go into power save mode.

The tool is delivered with a default operation mode, however the TAM Pit Stop Dashboard software (Windows PC interface) allows the user to make changes to critical operational parameters used to trigger the tools bright LED display, to signal when a wheel-nut tightening process has been completed successfully. If used under controlled conditions, the system can help to dramatically reduce false tightening incidences.



  Metric Size
  Imperial Size
Square drive

1 inch


1 inch

Max torque

3500 nm


2590 ft-lbs

Supply hose inside diameter

13 mm


0,51 inch

Air inlet





216 mm


8,50 inch


4,19 Kg


8,82 lbs

Operating pressure

20 bar


290 psi

Free speed

13500 RPM


13500 RPM

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DP4000MG TSA LH 1" Square Drive Torque Angle Sensing Motorsport Impact Wrench by Dino Paoli SRL